Vitamin Solution Enrichment

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Vitamin Solution

250ml Bottle

Vitamin mix will help increase fish immune system to help fight off disease. Promotes growth, health and brings out natural colours of your animals a excellent additive for people that blend their own foods. Vitamins for enhancing freeze dried, flake and frozen foods. A healthy fish is a happy fish!


Vitamin A,Vitamin D3,Vitamin E,Vitamin K

Vitamin B12, Riboflavin,P-Pantothenic,Niacin

Thiamine,Pyridoxine,Folic acid

Ascorbic acid,


Ideal for: Cold water,Tropical,Marine,koi

Ideal if you making your own fish food mix.
directions: use enough of the vitamin solution to soak up foods being used.
Store unused solution in the freezer for longer shelf life

mix with flake food,pellet,Frozen Foods.

Not intended for human consumption