Reef kalkwasser

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Kalkwasser Powder

Kalkwasser Powder - Calcium hydroxide powder for the production of Kalkwasser (lime water) for saltwater aquariums.
Kalkwasser solutions maintain calcium and alkalinity, it enhances ph as well as binds phosphates
unwanted nuance hair algae is inhibited and the development of calcerous algaes are encouraged.

How to use

Due to the high pH of Calcium Hydroxide solutions, it`s important to add slowly and never add the powder direct to aquarium.

Mix 2 tea spoons to 1 gallon of top up water (ro water) allow to settle for 2 hours drip into the tank the clear (top section) of solution, do not allow undissolved powder to enter the tank.


High Purity.

1 Litre tub