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Phyto Plus Algae Paste.
A highly nutritious and natural blend of preserved marine micro-algae concentrates specifically formulated for feeding live rock, corals, clams, tunicates, and other filter feeding organisms.

Ocean Delight is a blend of phytoplankton

  with feeding pipette.

  • Clean Culture
  • High Thick Concentrate
  • Remains a thick Liquid even when frozen
  • Great Copepod feed

Food Grade Glycerin is added to prevent Ocean delight from freezing and to prevent lysing of cells. (Carbohydrates, which include sugars such as glycerin have been shown to be useful, if not necessary, to support established healthy populations of beneficial bacteria in filters and substrates

Phytoplankton are the building blocks for life in the ocean,It is ideal for all filter feeders, soft corals, Clams, Sponges, Feather duster worms, Scallops, many inhabitants in live rock & deep sand beds (mud systems) also rely on phytoplankton as part of their natural diet.

This being food items such as rotifers, Artemia nauplii, and cope-pods (zoo-plankton) that are depleted of essential nutrients in the home aquarium so it is important that we don't forget the role of phytoplankton.

High concentrate cell count far beyond any other feeds.

DOSAGE: 4-5 drops per 60-70 GALLONS
Each tank varies on diversity and animal density these are approximate levels

STORAGE: Keep in freezer long shelf life 2 years. will remain a liquid

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