F54 Flower Coral Frag stand

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Phyto Plus Flower Frag stand Stand

Adjustable arms 360 degrees 


Our new design flower stand.

Each arm can be moved individually spirals round providing maximum flow and light to your prize corals. Time to  show them off !!!

Base can be buried under sand leaving stem and arms 

This will turn you boring white egg crate into something new & interesting 

Each hole is nicely evenly spaced for water flow which is important when frags are

healing and growing with plenty of room to grow on your frags

Our new professional & stylish frag rack.

Acrylic construction design Perfect for propagation or "grow-out" tanks

or even your main display reef aquarium.


Stand  measures 

Base 170mm

arms 130mm

Total Height 150mm

Hols  54 frag plugs

 Attract your customers make your frag tank  stand out.


  • easy to clean
  • Crystal Clear 100% aquarium safe Material.