FSP48 Coral Frag Stand

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Large Frag stand rack & 48 Plug Set

Each hole is nicely evenly spaced for water flow which is important when frags are

healing and growing with plenty of room to grow on your frags

Our new professional & stylish frag rack.

Acrylic construction design Perfect for propagation or "grow-out" tanks

or even your main display reef aquarium.

rack measures 160mm x 240mm and holds 48 coral plugs.

  • easy to clean
  • Crystal Clear Or Gloss Black 100% aquarium safe Material.
Ceramic Frag plugs

Ceramic frag plugs require no curing and can safely be introduced straight into your system. The surface has been roughened up which allows adhesives to form an excellent bond.

 Use With any of our Frag racks 


No curing necessary, use straight from bag!


100% Reef Safe guaranteed

          Disc Diameter 20mm
  • Disc Thickness 5mm
  • Stem Diameter 10mm
  • 48 Units per bag