Plankton Reactor PR10

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Rotifer Reactor 10 Litre

Grow and culture your own live food with this culture container.


  • Crystal Clear Container makes growing food easier
  • Use with Copepods or Rotifers or Both
  • Good surface Area
  • Great build quality
  • Ditch your unsightly Buckets
  • Etched integrated Ruler 1 litre to 10 litre.
  • High rotifer yields
  • Aquarium safe Materials
  • Built in removable bubble tube perfect size bubbles for plankton.

Specially designed for culturing rotifers

Size: 10000ml (10 litre)

Roti - Reactor

You are buying a 10000ml rotifer reactor

• Excellent results

Our new professional & stylish 10000ml rotifer culture reactor for home or small scale lab work manufactured to high standards, comes with 1 litre to 10 litre reading scale, Built in bubble tube for perfect size bubbles.

strip down and clean with ease with quick release fittings.
Easy lift lid
Excellent results every time.

Applications - Rotifer culture - copepods-

Air pump - not supplied.