Marine Copepods Culture Kit D

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Live copepods Culture kit D 

culture your own live copepods at home or the office with this complete kit

no more unsightly pop bottles or old sandwich boxes!

Bigger is not always better, rather more vessels smaller volumes of water will result in higher copepd yields.

Our black container made of clear acrylic tube, watch as your copepods breed and grow

add  your copepods to some mixed salt water

add few drops of pod feed (light brown tint to the water)

add close to light source or a window (not in direct sunlight)

place the lid on your done!

Air can be added but not required.

your now culturing copepods.


you will receive

50ml starter culture live copepods +

Pod Feed 50ml algae concentrate mix algae feed to Culture your pods

formulated by Phyto Plus +

2 liter Black culture container ideal for growing and breeding your copepods

keep your culture water with your pods a light brown color when adding the feed.

watch them as they come off the glass to feed!

There are mixed adult and Nauplii (baby copepods) of Tigriopus sp. in each bottle.

Feed the finicky eaters like Mandarin Fish, pipe fish, Scooter blennies, seahorses.

pods generally feed on bacteria, algae, microbes, dead plant matter, uneaten food debris in your tank.

Live Copepods are highly nutritious and naturally full of essential fatty acids..

Each bottle contains females and males and will reproduce.

you can store these copepods for 30 days in a fridge.


shelf life

Pod Feed 3 months