Magnesium Balance Additive

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Magnesium Balance

Magnesium this product is for increasing and maintaining Magnesium levels in your marine or reef tank

Maintaining Magnesium helps stabilize calcium and alkalinity levels essential for all coral growth.

at natural sea water levels Magnesium improves growth of stony corals and calcerous algae such as coraline. (attractive pink)

This product has been per-blended to maintain and increase Magnesium levels at a balanced ionic ratio between Chloride and Sulfate.

You should aim to maintain Magnesium levels at around 1300 to 1350ppm using a good quality reliable test kit.

50g (10 teaspoons) will raise Magnesium levels by approximately 60ppm in 100 liters of salt water

How to use

dissolve the required amount into a few litres of Reverse Osmosis Water, mix well and slowly add to your tank in an area of high flow, preferably over a period of an hour or so using a drip line or peristaltic pump. Alternatively add to your evaporation top up water and top up as normal.

It is not recommended to increase Magnesium levels by more than 50ppm per day.

Contains Magnesium Chloride & Magnesium Sulfate

Purity min 99 %