Dried Crickets

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Phyto Plus Dried Crickets

A great nutritious food for Wild Birds, Turtles, Terrapins and Hedgehogs
As well as great for many reptiles & Larger fish

Can be soaked prior to use

ingredients:  100% Dried Crickets

Nutritional Analysis: min crude Protein 58%,min crude Fat 12%,max crude Fibre 8%, max Moisture 8%,max Ash 9%.

A great alternative to feeding live Crickets,

these are Premium Dried keeping over 95% of the live nutrition inside.

Nutritional Analysis

Min Crude Protein 58%

Min Crude Fat 12%

Max Crude Fibre 8%

Max Moisture 8%

Max Ash 9%

                                           Excellent food for Turtles or Terrapins, Reptiles, Amphibians