Fish Breeding Granular

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Breeding Granular With Astax

 A High Grade Feed Size: 0.2-0.3mm Granular is suitable for all types of fish, high in protein it boosts growth, Astaxanthin promotes colour & well being
Supplied in a resealable bag for ease of use

You may feed several times daily. Use only amounts that fish can completely consume in few minutes.

Ingredients: Tubifex, protein concentrate, plankton, algae, oil and fats, lecithin, antioxidants. Does not contain colourants.


Crude protein            53 %
Crude fat                   13 %
Crude fibre                 0.7 % 
Ash                           8.8 %

Astaxanthin 80mg/kg

Vitamin A                      13.580 U.I. / kg
Vitamin D3                     3000 U.I. / kg

Vitamin C                     291mg/kg 
Vitamin E                      272 mg / kg