Aquarium Filter Sock & Holder Kit

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Nylon Filter Sock & Holder Kit

Filter socks are the most convenient form of mechanical filtration. They remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulates.

These bags are made from highly durable Nylon monofilament mesh offering a cost effective way of holding large quantities of contaminants under the right conditions.

These filter bags incorporate an all-plastic collar that is simple to install and chemically inert for use in many applications. These bags have easy-to-use plastic handles aiding fast change-out.

Monofilament mesh is made of Nylon and is a woven material. Each thread is a single filament and has excellent strength along with being cleanable and reusable.


  • Ideal for Aquarium suspended solids removal
  • Consumables are of lower cost pro-rata to contaminant removed
  • Simple and quick change-out
  • Operates on the principle of surface filtration
  • Reusable or disposable
  • Non-fibre releasing
  • Good efficiencies
  • Can hold large quantities of contaminants under the right conditions.

  • includes sock holder

    These filter sock holders will hang over your sump wall

    • Made in the uk
    • black gloss cast acrylic construction
    • Universal fit, will install over most sump wall configurations max 12mm wall