Copepod Guide

Copepods are a group of small crustaceans found in the sea and nearly every  freshwater and they constitute the biggest source of protein in the oceans.Many species are planktonic, but more are benthic, and some continental species may live in limno-terrestrial habitats and other wet terrestrial places, such as swamps, under leaf fall in wet forests, bogs, springs, ephemeral ponds and puddles, damp moss, or water-filled recesses of plants. Many live underground in marine and freshwater caves, sinkholes, or stream beds.

any container can be used, however we find our acrylic pod tanks work great.

Copepods love light and do benefit from it so if you can add a light source it would be better but not essential, also we recommend to add a little oxygenation to the vessel this helps gas exchange within the vessel, again this helps the water quality but is not required.

1-2 bubbles a second is good start.

 Step 1. make up saltwater solution s.g level to match aquarium being fed, we found lowering or raising s.g made little difference.

Add few drops of our pod feed, you want to turn the water light brown a not dark.

Then add your copepods.


Step 2. wait …………… and add more pod feed if water has cleared.

crushed flake or our dry copepod food also works very well.


Step 3. wait……………. It normally takes around 2-3 weeks but you will see a mass of them normally around the bottom of the container feeding, hence why see through containers are better.


Step 4 harvest using 120- 300 micron filter, leaving enough pods to restart the culture,

taking around half the water out and topping off with more saltwater.


Any evaporation that may occur please top up with ro fresh water.