Live Rotifers & Live Phytoplankton Culture Pack

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Live reef pack

Grow your own food

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Live phytoplankton Bottle Or Pouch


Live rotifers Bottle or Pouch


  • Lab Grade Phytoplankton
  • Clean Culture
  • 100% Nannochloropsis
  • 100% Live Viable Cells & will grow
  • High quality dense Rotifer Cultures

Both Live can be used as a starter culture

Phytoplankton are the building blocks for life in the ocean,It is ideal for all filter feeders, soft corals, Clams, Sponges, Feather duster worms, Scallops, many inhabitants in live rock & deep sand beds (mud systems) also rely on phytoplankton as part of their natural diet. This being food items such as rotifers, Artemia nauplii, and cope-pods (zoo-plankton) that are depleted of essential nutrients in the home aquarium so it is important that we don't forget the role of phytoplankton.

a marine microalgae product.

100% live Nannochloropsis

Ideal for: rotifers, copepods, artemia, filer feeder shellfish, corals,

storage - fridge - 10-12 week shelf life.



Live Rotifers L Type - Brachionus plicatilis

culture your own or direct feed.

live and healthy cultures females with lots of eggs. 2500ml bottle

min count each bottle = 20.000 - 30.000 - 40/50 rotifers/ml

store for 1 week in your fridge use as needed or culture your own.

Rotifers are small (100-300 micron) zoo plankton that exist in freshwater, brackish, and marine environments. Rotifers feed on microalgae and are consumed by a wide variety of fish, shellfish, corals, and other filter feeding organism.
Rotifers are used extensively in aquaculture and aquariums because of their super high reproductive rates (doubling or better every 24 hours), ease of culturing, optimal size for larval fish, and nutritional profile.
The body of a rotifer has very little nutritional value - the stomach contents and eggs are where the nutritional value exist. Rotifers can be fed on a variety of small micron feeds these rotifers are fed using our rotifer feed or live phytoplankton.