Live Nannochloropsis Oculata Culture kit B

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Phyto Plus Live phytoplankton kit B

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x 1 250ml Pouch or Bottle of Phytoplankton

x 1 50ml Pouch F/2 Fertilizer

x 1 1ml measuring Pipette / syringe


  • Lab Grade
  • Clean Culture
  • 100% Nannochloropsis
  • 100% Live Viable Cells & will grow

All of our phytoplankton is Lab Grade.


Live starter culture kit B

Phytoplankton are the building blocks for life in the ocean,It is ideal for all filter feeders, soft corals, Clams, Sponges, Feather duster worms, Scallops, many inhabitants in live rock & deep sand beds (mud systems) also rely on phytoplankton as part of their natural diet. This being food items such as rotifers, Artemia nauplii, and cope-pods (zoo-plankton) that are depleted of essential nutrients in the home aquarium so it is important that we don't forget the role of phytoplankton.

100% live nannochloropsis oculata

Ideal for: rotifers, copepods, artemia, filer feeder shellfish, corals,

storage - fridge - 10-12 week shelf life. 


CAN BE FROZEN FOR LONGER SHELF LIFE - please not this will make the cells non viable and will not culture once frozen.


F/2 Fertilizer

f/2 specifically formulated all in one nutrient media for culture of phytoplankton .It is a modified, enhanced, Guillard’s f/2 formulation.

50ml – Enough Fertilizer to grow over 50 liters of phytoplankton!