Aqua Crystals Bug Gel - Hydro Gel

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Water Gel Crystals
 Reptile Bug Gel is a safe, convenient specially formulated product that allows you to provide moisture to live food feeder insects without the risk of drowning.

Water Gel crystals are rehydrate to provide a safe source of drinking liquid for Spiders & feeder insects

Please note: Water Gel Crystals come in many different chemical types. These are polyacrylamide crystals as used in brand name products.

Directions: Add 4g of crystals to 1 liter of water (ideally previously boiled or spring water) once the gel has absorbed the water, pour away any excess water, this process will take a few hours, preferably overnight, excess gel can be stored in a cool place for several days

  • High Quality Gel
  • High grade polyacrylamide gel
  • Reptile  Bug  Safe
  • Packed in Resealable Bags