Live copepods culture kit P

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Live copepods Culture kit P

you will receive

50ml starter culture pouch

50-100 copepods per bottle


Pod Feed 50ml algae concentrate mix algae feed to Culture your pods

formulated by Phyto Plus


 copepod filter


measuring Pipette

keep your culture water with your pods a light brown color when adding the feed.

watch them as they come off the glass to feed!

always start culture in small amount of water surface area works better than deep containers

There are approximately 40-50 mixed adult and Nauplii (baby copepods) of Tigriopus sp.
in each bottle.

Feed the finicky eaters like Mandarin Fish, pipe fish, Scooter blennies, seahorses.
pods generally feed on bacteria, algae, microbes, dead plant matter, uneaten food debris in your tank.
Live Copepods are highly nutritious and naturally full of essential fatty acids..


Each bottle contains females and males and will reproduce.
you can store these copepods for 30 days in a fridge.

shelf life

Pod Feed 3-4 months