Aquarium Gold Label & Silver Label

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Aquarium Safe.

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Gold Label

No need to remove fish for curing leaks or adding elements to your pond 

Bonds all materials even under water, eg:


  • Butyl rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Wood etc.


For best results, clean all surfaces to be free of algae etc.

Pump sealer onto surface to be bonded. Can be used on wet or dry surfaces and will cure underwater. 

Do not use in temperatures below 10 degrees c.

For strongest bond, pipe minimum 10mm wide bead around patch and press lightly onto repair area.


  • Fish safe 
  • Seals under water
  • Instant repair 
  • Solvent free
  • Bonds all surfaces




Instructions for Gold Label Pond Aquarium Sealer

For best results clean all surfaces, to be free of grease, algae. Place sealer directly onto the surface you wish to bond/seal. For bonding
where there is movement (expansion & contraction) of different substrates, leave a minimum 2mm thickness of bead between surfaces. Where there
is livestock near the sealer, protect from ingestion while curing.

Full cure 24 hours. Initial tack 2-3 Hours.
Can be painted over up to 4 hours.

For Clear Gold Label, cure for 36 hours

  • “One-Shot” Clear 75ml Sealant  (under water sealer)
  • “One-Shot” Black 75ml Sealant  (under water sealer)
  • Clear 290ml Sealant (underwater sealer)
  • Black 290ml Sealant (under water sealer)


Silver Label

  • Silver Label Clear Silicone 310ml
  • Silver Label Black Silicone 310ml

The 'Silver Label' aquarium sealant is solvent free, non toxic and safe for fish once fully cured. It will adhere to dry, clean and grease free glass and will be fully cured after 24 hours. We sell it in both black and clear colour varieties and provide it in a 310ml tube for use with a trigger gun.

Key Features:

  • Fish safe.
  • Solvent Free and can bond to Glass.
  • Black & Clear colour varieties.
  • Full curing time of 36 hours.


Instructions for Silver Label Aquarium Silicone

A special formulation for fish tank construction and/or repair. Adheres to dry, clean and grease-free glass

For optimum structural strength use a triangular joint shape and avoid thin layers.


Fill the aquarium with water ONLY after sealant is totally cured. Vulcanisation rate 1-2mm /24 hours. Clean excess with white spirit – use
only in well ventilated areas. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with
water & contact doctor.

Technical data sheets available.
Manufactured under ISO 9002 quality system

Shelf Life 12 months if stored in dry condition
Available in 310ml tube Black or Clear
(Silicone gun required – not included)