Aquarium Float Valve Switch

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Float Valve Switch For Aquarium or

R-O D-I Reverse Osmosis System top up

Ideal for auto top up units. Can sense high level or low level water by simply turning around the float.

100% brand new and high quality

aquarium safe materials

Brand new and high quality Float switch
too be used to sense the level of the water in a freshwater or saltwater aquarium or tank system
Can activate a pump, an indicator, an alarm or other device

Use it with hydroponics, saltwater tank, freshwater tank, gardening, aquariums, fish tanks, filtration, or other for power head control.
Without mercury
Down/Up float switch

Cable length: 30.5cm
Maximum load: 50W
Max switching voltage: 100V DC
Minimum voltage: 250V DC
Maximum switching current: 0.5A
Max load current: 1.0A
Temperature rating: -20°C - +80°C

Package included:
1 X Water Level Sensor