Aquarium Sponge Filter

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Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter


Size: 14cm x 14.5cm x 4.8cm.
Fit for 10cm ~ 80cm deep fish tank.

Biochemical sponge filter.
Provides biological filtration to the aquarium, helps to stable water quality.

  • Increase the oxygen solubility.
  • Working noiselessly.
  • Good permeability, easy to clean.

Adhere smooth surface with suction cup.
With a airlift system, super biochemical sponge filter features silent operation, and has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water, the social developed foam materials supports the colonization of bacteria, allowing for mechanical filtration in addition to biological filtration, which will break down harmful waste, ammonia and nitrite material, resulting in a cleaner living environment for your fish, particular they are useful for as breeding filter or as secondary filter.

Supplying the water with much needed oxygen.

It reduces noise from air pump and consumes lowest wattage.

No dead spots in cylinder foam offers increased filtration.