jebao 2 Channel Master Dosing Pump

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Perfect Entry Level Dosing Pump!

We have been evaluating this pump since June and it hasn't let us down.

The software is quite basic, but functional (no automatic calculation of dosing amount per dose).

Hardware details:

  • Blue light LCD display
  • Battery back up - Clock and the user setting saved if power lost.
  • Box contents: Dosing Pump, Power adapter
  • User will need to purchase PVC tubing - (normal airline 4x6mm)

Software details:

  • Calibration of each pump volume
  • Number of doses per day (per pump) 1 - 24
  • Interval of days for dosing 0 - 30 days (0 = no dose, 1 is every day, etc,)
  • Dosing volume per dose 1 - 9999ml